About South West Sixteen

Roger Drakes, owner and CEO oversees day to day operations to ensure efficiency and effectiveness for both our company and our clients. An innovative leader and motivator, Mr. Drakes works tirelessly to make sure that all deadlines are met and projects stay on schedule.... TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!

Mr. Drake's extensive knowledge of the California real estate market, working with one of the largest property investment companies in California, Mr. Drakes brings the tools and knowledge needed to get maximum return on investment (ROI) giving South West Sixteen a competitive edge in today's volatile market.

Our team of licensed realtors are experienced in sourcing, bidding and acquiring properties at reduced prices. We work closely with building contractors, property attorneys and Government agencies, making sure every property meets or exceeds our high energy-efficiency standards.

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As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, we only use Energy Star Rated products to reduce the carbon footprint left behind by the remodelling of homes.

Once our properties are completely remodeled, each home is listed for sale. The profit earned is used to either reinvest and/or to repay the start up capital.

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