Invest With Us

The Market

Home buying citizens of Los Angeles county... there are thousands of foreclosures a day and over 300 escrows closed on new deals everyday.

The Product

A Beautiful living space that is modern and desireable to our age demographic but also eco-friendly to protect our environment for the future.

The Strategy

Purchase in areas of regeneration, on the 'up' via new investments from larger businesses, e.g. new companies who will employ more people, new retail areas and new schools.

The Rewards

Improve our homes' 'appeal'as buyers will see it as a sound investment for the future as the equity will build quicker in the home.

Did you know?

The Wall Street Journal reports “housing market accelerates ... prices jump 9.3% in quickest rise since 2006, gains seen across country.”

Yes, there’s a window of opportunity for investing. But ask yourself: When will the window slam shut?

Don't delay... start investing and see your capital grow. Prices are going up so get in today.

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